Why do you would like a brilliant top-up medical health insurance plan? Compare premiums now!


A health emergency can create a financial crisis for anyone. Medical insurance is an important tool to cover your medical expenses whenever you need it. Nevertheless, the continued Covid-19 pandemic has made us realise that a comprehensive medical health insurance policy could be very necessary because it should cover the utmost cost to minimise your medical bill. Nowadays you would like medical health insurance that provides a better sum insured amount than an everyday medical health insurance policy.

Should you feel that your medical health insurance cover is insufficient to fulfill your current requirements, you possibly can select a brilliant top-up health plan to extend your health coverage. It helps you cover your additional medical expenses if you happen to exhaust all of your existing insurance coverage. After the deductible is paid, the super top-up policy becomes lively for subsequent claims. Unlike an everyday top-up plan, it covers cumulative expenses that cover single claims over and above the deductibles.

Often getting additional insurance advantages through an existing medical health insurance policy becomes expensive, and that’s where the super top-up policy involves your help. It offers you coverage over and above your deductible limit. It helps cover additional medical expenses when your hospitalisation claim bill exceeds your existing policy coverage limit. You should have to pay the deductible amount out of your existing health plan, and the extra cost will be paid with the assistance of the super top-up plan as per the policy amount, in response to Bankbazaar.

For instance, you’ve gotten medical health insurance of as much as Rs 5 lakh. You’ve gotten bought a brilliant top-up insurance plan of Rs 3 lakh. The entire sum insured amount is Rs 8 lakh with a threshold/ deductible limit of Rs 5 lakh. Suppose your medical bill is Rs 8 lakh. You can pay Rs 5 lakh out of your base policy and Rs 3 lakh from the super top-up plan. Certainly one of the attractive features of the super top-up plan is that it allows multiple claims, and the policy gets lapsed only when all the amount is exhausted.

It is sweet to check different super top-up plans and see which suits your requirements the very best. Also, be sure that the policy amount is sufficient to cover your and your loved ones’s medical expenses; otherwise, having a brilliant top-up plan will make no difference if it fails to cater to your medical bills during an emergency.

An excellent top-up plan ensures maximum coverage of medical costs at a minimum premium. Some super top-up medical health insurance policies and premiums are given below:

What Does A Rs 5 Lakh Super Top Up Policy Cost?

Note: Data pertains to individual Super Top Up Medical insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh with Rs 5 Lakh deductible for 30-year-old individual, residing in Bangalore, and is correct as of May 10, 2022. Data is indicative. Actual premium and knowledge may vary from the information mentioned within the table.


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