What to contemplate regarding Corona when taking out medical health insurance


When taking out a medical health insurance policy one must take care of the corona query as an infection could be relevant for the acceptance by the privat medical health insurance company.

Initially of the Corona pandemic, many questions arose for personal insurance firms and their customers. For instance, what role does an infection play within the conclusion of a recent contract? Many questions have since been clarified.

The query of whether it’s obligatory to declare a corona infection within the health questionnaire of a non-public health or occupational disability insurance policy comes up continuously. Many consumers are concerned that they are going to now not find a way to take out private insurance policies where those questions are relevant for taking out the insurance.

This concern could be allayed, at the least for many who have fully recovered from the disease. “If someone has fully recovered, there is largely nothing standing in the best way of a contract,” says a spokesperson for the German insurance association GDV. Nonetheless, he qualifies: Those w ho have everlasting health problems after a corona infection must expect surcharges or may not get a policy. Nonetheless, this has at all times been the case with other diseases.

The German Insurance Association emphasises that it’s a misunderstanding to imagine that the industry deals with Covid19 in a different way than with other diseases. The virus with the technical name “Sars-CoV-2” was indeed considered “novel” firstly of 2020. However the calculations insurers make to cover the risks related to the virus follow the identical pattern as for all other diseases.

In any case, you must at all times answer questions on a Corona infection by the insurance firms truthfully and enquire with the insurer in case you are unsure. Many private health insurers ask a couple of Corona infection on their very own initiative. You’ve gotten to present correct and complete information, otherwise your insurance cover might be in danger.


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