What Is the Welcome to Medicare Checkup Visit?


En español | You’ll be able to get one free Welcome to Medicare checkup anytime throughout the first 12 months after you enroll in Medicare Part B, which is the a part of Medicare that covers doctor visits and outpatient services. This checkup shouldn’t be a comprehensive physical exam but is a chance to your doctor to evaluate your health and supply a plan of future care.

The Welcome to Medicare checkup is optional, but it surely serves as a baseline for monitoring your health throughout the annual wellness visits that Medicare can pay for in subsequent years. You don’t want this checkup to qualify for later annual wellness visits, but Medicare won’t pay for a wellness visit during your first 12 months in Part B.

What happens on the Welcome to Medicare checkup?

Through the exam you possibly can expect your doctor to do the next:

  • Record your vital information, including blood pressure, height and weight.
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Review your health history — your personal and that of your loved ones.
  • Determine your ability to operate independently and your level of safety, reminiscent of how well you perform activities of day by day living and your risk of falls.
  • Assess your potential for depression.
  • Check for risk aspects that would indicate future serious illnesses.
  • Provide an easy vision test.
  • Recommend screenings, shots and other preventive services in writing that you could have to stay healthy. Lots of these, reminiscent of mammograms and vaccinations, could also be free under Medicare.
  • Offer to discuss advance directives. A health care proxy helps you to designate another person to make medical decisions in your behalf for those who can’t, and a living will specifies your preferences for medical treatment at the top of your life.

How can I prepare for my Welcome to Medicare visit?

To profit from this appointment, it is best to gather the next information and records prematurely:

  • Your loved ones medical history Learn as much as you possibly can about your blood relatives’ health history. Any information you possibly can give your doctor may help determine for those who are in danger for inherited diseases.
  • Your personal medical records That features providing immunization records for those who’re seeing a recent doctor.
  • Your prescription medications Together with listing the names of your drugs, include dosage, how often you are taking each medication and why.

How much will I pay for a Welcome to Medicare checkup?

You’ll haven’t any deductible or copayment for the Welcome to Medicare checkup for those who meet the next conditions:

For those who’re enrolled in original Medicare, it’s essential to go to a health care provider who accepts “project,” meaning that the physician accepts the Medicare-approved amount as full compensation.

For those who’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan that has a provider network, reminiscent of an HMO or PPO, you could have to go to a health care provider within the plan’s provider network.

Take note

Although you won’t need to pay for this checkup, the doctor could order other tests or procedures for which you might have to cover deductibles and copayments out of pocket.

Updated June 22, 2022


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