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Students all across American International College (AIC) obtain health coverage in quite a lot of ways. For some, it’s through their employer or family plans. Others may purchase insurance through a medical health insurance marketplace here in Massachusetts or elsewhere. For all of those young adults, health care is probably not top of mind, but it surely is such a very important resource — especially with the continued uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For those who are among the many 14.5 million people who signed up for medical health insurance through the federal marketplace this yr, your premiums became much cheaper under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The bill passed last yr included an historic investment in reducing health care costs with expanded premium tax credits that help pay for medical health insurance. These subsidies have made comprehensive coverage accessible for hundreds of thousands of families who could otherwise not afford insurance. But these subsidies will expire unless Congress steps as much as make them everlasting before they break for the summer recess.

This issue is important to the work that we do. We’re health science students. As health care providers, we’ll soon be dedicated to providing care to all, across quite a lot of health care settings. Having inexpensive, accessible insurance reduces out-of-pocket costs for individuals who need care. Medical insurance subsidies have helped reduce monthly premiums for hundreds of thousands of Americans. Those that have enrolled within the marketplace and profit from the expanded subsidies have seen a 19 percent drop in premiums, from a mean of $164 to $133. For college students like us making our way in the true world, that’s makes all of the difference for inexpensive medical health insurance. Failing to increase the subsidies could lead to roughly 3 million Americans losing their medical health insurance.

One in every of AIC’s most notable alumni has a major role to play in the long run of this program. Congressman Richard Neal serves as Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. He can be a key consider ensuring any laws featuring this subsidy program gets through Congress and ultimately goes to President Biden’s desk. Congressman Neal has been a long-time advocate for inexpensive health care, and we hope he rises to the occasion and ensures that these subsidies are made everlasting before the August recess. 

Expanding access to high-quality, reliable, and inexpensive health care is how we’ll move each our country and our Commonwealth forward. Young people all across Massachusetts, and hundreds of thousands of Americans, are counting on Congress to guard the long run of inexpensive health care by ensuring subsidies are made everlasting for future generations.

Grace Beaupre, Student Occupational Therapy Association President
Michael Bianco, Student Physical Therapy Association President
Benjamin Gordon, Student Physical Therapist



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