The Gambia launches recent biometric CRVS and medical insurance scheme


President Adama Barrow of The Gambia has appealed to residents of the West African country of two.5 million people to point out up in huge numbers to register their biometrics for a civil registry and national medical insurance scheme which has just been launched.

The aim of the registration is to enable the establishment of digital birth certificates and for subscription to a recent national health scheme, in line with a press release from the office of the President.

President Barrow, on August 3, set the instance by sitting down himself for registration into the country’s recent electronic Civil Registry and Vital Statistics (CRVS) database, mentions a tweet by The Gambian presidency.

Speaking on the State House, Barrow congratulated the federal government, especially the Ministry of Health on efforts in bringing the medical insurance project to fruition, per the announcement. He remarked that registration for the medical insurance scheme, which can include a biometric insurance card, will enable Gambians easily care for their health needs.

“As Head of State, I feel it will be significant for me to do the identical process in order that I even have Health Insurance and a biometric birth certificate. This can be a big achievement for our country,” said Barrow after getting himself registered.

The national insurance scheme is a component of efforts by the Barrow administration to facilitate access to health take care of residents, considered one of the guarantees made during his campaign for a second mandate, the news release notes. Barrow was re-elected in December 2021.

The Health Ministry says the biometric registration for the insurance scheme will run for 3 months, and the initiative is meant to make access to health care inexpensive for average Gambians.

The Gambia rolled out a recent biometric ID project by Semlex in 2020, which entails the issuance of residence cards and other IDs to expats living within the country, and national ID cards to residents.

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