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Perry County News, The (Tell City, IN)

TELL CITY — The Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast that featured a speaker from Indiana Farm Bureau who got here to talk on their health plans that they at the moment are offering. Patrick Williams got here down from Indiana Farm Bureau’s Indianapolis location, expanding on the bureau’s services by stating that a health plan isn’t the identical thing as medical health insurance.

Medical health insurance cannot rate or deny based on preexisting conditions; health plans can. There are enrollment windows for medical health insurance but health plans have a 12 months round enrollment. Medical health insurance is in-network providers based on geographical in-state location, whereas health plans are in-network providers based on nationwide provider UnitedHealthcare’s Selection Plus Network.

Williams stated that many persons are unaware that this coverage exists. It was only rolled out two years ago.

One of these coverage could be essential for everybody. There may very well be the opportunity of financial reunion if there may be a medical emergency and an individual is out of state. Health plans are helpful to small business owners, in line with Williams.

Anyone concerned about learning more can reach out to the Tell City branch to JP Hilgenhold and Lee Chestnut at 812-547-7044.


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