Survey Says: Health Insurance and Paid Time Off Among the many Most Common Ag Employee Advantages


For the primary time, American Vegetable Grower asked you about which advantages you offer your employees. We asked about 10 common employee advantages, plus two ag-centric ones (housing and transportation).

As you possibly can see within the chart below, farm size predicts how likely it’s for an operation to supply advantages of any kind.

We subdivided these advantages by forms of employees:

  • Full-time, yr round
  • Part-time, yr round
  • Seasonal full time
  • Seasonal part time

12 months-round, full-time employees were the almost definitely to receive all advantages, save for housing and transportation. Those two advantages went to full-time, seasonal employees.

Some states mandate that farms offer medical health insurance and paid break day to their employees. Naturally, operations positioned in regions dominated by these states offered these two advantages at much higher rates.

Average Variety of Employees

2022 State of the Vegetable Industry survey results on average number of employees

This past yr, there was a big jump within the variety of year-round employees between the biggest farms and all others. Operations with greater than 2,500 acres employed 83 year-round employees. As compared, farms between 500 acres and a couple of,500 acres are inclined to have between 22 and 25 year-round employees.

Farms are also unlikely to rent part-time, seasonal employees in significant numbers until they reach a minimum of 500 acres in size.

H-2A on the Rise

2022 State of the Vegetable Industry survey results on H-2A usage

Increasingly more growers are turning to the H-2A program to secure reliable employees. Even smaller farms use this system. In reality, almost 20% of farms with 25 to 99 acres use this system, with one other 9% planning to tap into H-2A.

Larger farms are still more prone to use H-2A. A full 43% of all vegetable operations with greater than 100 acres depend on this system. That’s up six percentage points from just last yr. Five years ago, only 28% of the identical group reported using H-2A — up 15 points, or a 54% increase.

What’s striking is what number of larger growers are planning to enter this system for the primary time inside the following two years. A whopping 25% of those with greater than 2,500 acres say they’ll adopt H-2A inside a pair years, followed by 19% of farms with 1,000 to 2,499 acres.


Carol Miller is the editor of American Vegetable Grower, a Meister Media Worldwide publication. See all creator stories here.


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