Qatar third worldwide for highest costs for medical insurance claims – Doha News


Earlier this month, the Qatar cabinet approved a proposal to adopt the insurance profit packages and premiums for visitors and tourists.

Qatar has ranked third worldwide for the very best costs for medical insurance claims, a recent report by William Russell found.

In line with the report, released on 8 June, Qatar’s average claim value reached $2,900. It followed Taiwan at $3,878, and Denmark, which topped the list at $7,328.

The health organisation noted that the high cost might not be indicative of the general range of medical emergencies while travelling.

Probably the most common claim categories in Qatar are for general practitioner (GP) and specialist consultations. Meanwhile, essentially the most illnesses claimed are osteoarthrosis, a joint disorder that commonly impacts the elderly.

The disorder can be the very best when it comes to claim value.

Qatar’s medical insurance law

Earlier this month, the Qatar cabinet approved a proposal by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to adopt the insurance profit packages and premiums for visitors and tourists.

In May, the Council of Ministers had approved Draft Resolution no. 22 of 2021, obligating employers to offer expats with private medical insurance to access medical services. It also stipulates that Qatari residents can access healthcare services at government facilities.

The MoPH said the law ensures residents and visitors have medical insurance through a registered insurance company.

The insurance should be provided to the worker from the date of entry into Qatar or from the date of a employee’s sponsorship transfer under a latest employer.

Employers are also expected to notify the insurance company upon termination of an worker’s contract. 

If an employer or recruiter fails to transfer the worker’s sponsorship to a latest company after the contract has ended, the insurance coverage could also be prolonged until the policy or the legally allowed time of residency expires.

To offer residents with higher health services, the MoPH designated health centres for Qatari patients. These facilities include Leabaib Health Center, Muaither Health Center, Al Thumama Health Center, and South Al Wakra Health Center.

Globally, Qatar’s healthcare ranks 18 out of 95 countries on Numbeo’s 2022 Health Care Index and topped the list of Arab states.

Qatar also ranks 27 out of 87 countries within the Quality of Life Index, and comes second within the Middle East after the UAE.


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