PayU Revamped Its Health Insurance Policy For LGBTQ Community Member


-aimed at fostering a more inclusive & safer workplace for all

– Appoints Global D&I Result in instrumentalize the D&I strategy

– Upgrades insurance coverage for same-sex partners, gender-neutral policies & advantages

Continuing the momentum built over the past years PayU, a digital payments solution provider, is celebrating Pride Month with a variety of activities & initiatives throughout June. 

PayU recently revamped its insurance policy to cover same-sex partners, Hormone Therapy & Gender Affirmation Surgery. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, PayU has zero-tolerance & strict redressal of harassment of any form, and ensures all internal processes are gender neutral and inclusive of non-binary identities, whilst providing equal & open access to opportunities & resources to everyone. 

Some PayU policies geared toward fostering inclusion & safety of LGBTQ community members are: 

  • Hormone Therapy: PayU is supportive of each worker’s personal decisions & life stages and has expanded its medical insurance policy to incorporate hormone therapy for all employees.
  • Gender reassignment surgery: PayU is respectful of each individual’s preferences & self-expression; and its recent insurance coverage now includes Gender Affirmation Surgery and pre & post-care. 
  • Equal Opportunity Employer: PayU has zero-tolerance for any type of discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation, gender, race, age, caste, appearance, life stage, language or other reasons. It recently upgraded its Equal Opportunity Employer policy, which reviews internal processes to make sure LGBTQ inclusiveness and that members of the community are fairly covered under all policies.
  • Gender Neutral People Practices: PayU can be ensuring expansion of all advantages & policies to cover same sex couples and live-in partners, with strict confidentiality & safety. It has a really robust Worker Assistance Program which is well equipped to enable a protected space for any discussion on any topic. 
  • D&I Council: To be sure that accountability shouldn’t be limited to people teams, PayU has formed a Global Diversity & Inclusion Council, with leaders representing various key businesses across geographies and headed by the worldwide CEO, Laurent le Moal. To remain relevant in all the various markets & regions it operates in, every country has its own assigned Country Champion to steer local D&I Chapters, which helps PayU align its initiatives to local & regional nuances & worker needs.  

PayU also recently appointed a Global DEI officer (Meghna Pal) to instrumentalize the D&I strategy & get more invested on this ever-evolving journey and are
Committed to getting sharper & stronger.

  • Creating awareness & support: This month PayU might be hosting Parmesh Shahani to assist employees understand how they might be more energetic & vocal allies. It’s also set to launch Pride ERG, driven by passionate & self-volunteered allies. At PayU they need make sure that to not-assume & as a substitute proactively share pronouns in all signatures & introductions and show visible support through collaterals. 
  • Focused Hiring: PayU globally is getting intentional with hiring efforts and is committed to having fairer representation across level & teams. This 12 months, considered one of the highest focus areas is to proceed constructing higher opportunities & representation in key decision-making roles, tech teams & product teams.

Priya Cherian, Chief People Officer, PayU said, “Diversity & Inclusion for PayU is in recognising the distinctiveness of 1 in lots of and thriving on the strength of many in a single – it’s for everybody. At the center of PayU are PayUneers. And on the core of being a PayUneer is having the ability to be “U” on the workplace. Constructing a workplace where everyone seems to be respected, has access to all opportunities & the processes which can be equitable to all, regardless of their orientation and private decisions, is what we’re striving for. Essentially, we will not be just welcoming & encouraging everyone to be their unique self but celebrating their uniqueness at PayU.” 

PayU acknowledges it’s on a journey and there may be more to do, nevertheless it continues to speculate & stay focused on making PayU an area where everyone can belong #BeUatPayU


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