Ozark County commissioners get good mid-year county medical insurance review


Ozark County received excellent news Monday during a mid-year medical insurance checkup.

County commissioners heard from John McCarty with Arch Brokerage, the county’s medical insurance provider.

McCarty attended the commissioners’ regular Monday morning meeting and reported that the county has filed only about $16,500 in health claims for the yr and has an allowance of about $85,000 for the entire yr.

“What which means is Ozark County is in a excellent position,” McCarty told commissioners John Turner, Gary Collins and Layne Nance.

McCarty said what money that will not be used goes into the county’s reserve account, which might be spent nevertheless the commissioners select if funds are left over at the tip of the yr. 

Presiding commissioner John Turner told the Times that Ozark County switched from Cox Healthcare Insurance last yr and up to now he’s pleased with the change.

“Once we had Cox if there was any money that we didn’t use, it went to them … now it goes to the county,” Turner said.

Turner said that he would really like to have a pleasant padding within the reserve in order that the county can hopefully upgrade county worker’s insurance for less out-of-pocket or perhaps even add dental insurance next yr.

“Thus far we’re really blissful,” Turner said, “We’re kinda self-insured in a way,  and that is saving us a number of money.”


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