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Entering Indonesia: No Health Insurance Required. photo Satgas Covid-19

The Indonesian government has decided that foreigners should not required to present COVID-19 medical health insurance upon entry, effective as of eighth June 2022.

The spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, stated the easing of the entry rules within the addendum to circular letter number 19 of 2022.

“That is the removal of the duty for foreigners to prove ownership of medical health insurance which incorporates COVID-19 financing,” said Adisasmito at a recent virtual press conference.

He added that the easing was attributable to the declining trend in international and national COVID-19 cases.

In the most recent developments within the domestic situation, the federal government will likely be continuing to increase PPKM until 4th July for all areas of Java and Bali.

“Based on the 2 instructions from the Home Affairs Minister, all regions in Java and Bali are at PPKM level 1. Meanwhile, outside Java and Bali, there is simply one district at level 2, namely Bintuni Bay in West Papua Province,” he concluded.

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