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By Dana Malcolm

Staff Author


#TurksandCaicos, July 5, 2022 – A dialysis patient and an elderly wheelchair-bound man were only two of 15 residents left stranded in Santo Domingo on Wednesday. After being forced to remain overnight they are saying interCaribbean Airways  must have managed their flight cancellation more professionally.

The purchasers say they waited on the airport from 12:30pm last Wednesday for a flight that was presupposed to be at 1:50pm; the passengers also said that for hours there was no communication from representatives of the airline, after which out of nowhere at about 4pm the flight was simply cancelled.

The irate passengers were eventually placed right into a hotel, which was said to have had no idea they were coming; it made even that process tedious and tiresome.  It was said, nobody got right into a room until well after 8pm, including the 2 medical passengers.

InterCaribbean Airways has shared prior to now that staff challenges were the cause for cancellations and delays; that it was not unusual for any airline on this latest COVID normal.  But passengers say, they wish to have the ability to fly a dependable airline.

The dialysis patient had an appointment at hospital in Providenciales at 6 a.m.; the cancelled flight meant he would miss the crucial treatment.

Magnetic Media obtained comment from InterCaribbean Airways, which explained the airline was still operating at a reduced capability.

“There was a flight attendant who reported being in poor health and there was no other flight attendant on duty right now. The flight needed to be canceled so the passengers couldn’t get a latest departure time immediately while the department in charge was in search of one other flight attendant to operate the flight. Once the flight needed to be canceled, passengers were informed and the method to get accommodation began,” said Carolina Torres, Marketing Coordinator.

Ms. Torres further explained that the length of time between cancellation and the shoppers getting rooms was due to the lengthy strategy of  relocating from the gate to the customs area to say bags after which to the upper level for transport.

TCI-based, interCaribbean says the quantity of rooms that they had to book for the guests also slowed the method.

“We understand that this whole process is expensive for all parties and interCaribbean apologizes for the inconveniences this caused within the travel itinerary of every passenger, and of their purposes with their trip, whether for business, family and a few people for reasons of Health,” the corporate said.


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