Migrant employees must buy medical insurance


Migrant employees going to Thailand to work are reminded that they may must buy medical insurance before they leave to work in Thailand.

Fully vaccinated employees is not going to have to be quarantined, officials said.

The brand new ruling will now require migrant employees going into Thailand legally to purchase $50 medical insurance that gives coverage of as much as $10,000.

Quarantine has also been waived for migrant employees going to the Thailand under the MoU Thailand signed with Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos, provided they’ve been double-dosed with vaccines and test negative for Covid-19.

In total, employers have applied for 52,428 employees from Cambodia.

Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said that the employees will probably be subjected to health checks on the border and must undergo an antigen test.

“In the event that they are given a clean bill, they will probably be issued a piece permit and employers can take them to their establishments. Nevertheless, if Covid-19 is detected, the employees will probably be quarantined,” he said.

“Expenses related to quarantine or treatment will probably be covered by the medical insurance valued at a minimum of $4,000 (132,000 baht).

“Nevertheless, if the expenses exceed the insurance, the employers must pay for the outstanding amount,” he added

Banteay Meanchey Provincial Deputy Governor Ngor Meng Chroun said yesterday that the Poipet border is opening for all migrant employees who intend to work in Thailand but there are more requirements to finish and it also takes time.

“In accordance with the medical insurance rolled out by the Thai side, migrant employees must buy $50 price medical insurance that has a coverage of as much as $10,000.

“In the event that they are infected with Covid-19 through the first month they may get the advantage of $10,000 in treatment costs.

“If the quantity exceeds this limit, they need to pay the balance themselves,” he said.

“The insurance is just valid for one month,” he added.

He identified that besides the health package they need to even have a sound job contract with the Thai company.

“Some migrant employees said that the insurance package was unfair, but that is the requirement for migrant employees who need to work in Thailand,” he added.

The provincial deputy governor also said that despite the efforts of the authorities, migrant employees are trying illegal border crossing, almost 100 of them were caught every day by local police and a few by Thai police.

Meanwhile, Oddar Meanchey Provincial Deputy Governor Dy Rado said migrant employees who intend to go to work legally, must follow Thailand’s  requirements.

“For those travelling with border passes issued by provincial authorities that’s valid for 3 days, they don’t have to purchase the insurance once they cross into Thailand. The waiving of quarantine can be convenient for migrant employees,” he said.

Nevertheless, many migrant employees still decide to cross the border illegally amid stringent measures taken by the border officials.


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