Mark Farrah Associates Assessed Annual Health Insurance Enrollment Trends


MCMURRAY, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mark Farrah Associates (MFA),, released a year-end 2021 medical insurance segment enrollment update. MFA compared membership between 4th quarter 2020 with 4th quarter 2021 to supply greater insight into enrollment trends for the Individual, Group, ASO, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid insurance segments.

As of December 31, 2021, roughly 305 million people received medical coverage from U.S. health insurers. This number is up from 297.5 million, or roughly 7.6 million additional members, from a 12 months ago. Between 4Q20 and 4Q21, membership growth was significant for the person market as this segment gained roughly 1.9 million more members, year-over-year. As well as, the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid markets also experienced notable membership increases. The Employer-group risk and Employer-group ASO (administrative services just for self-funded plans) segments provide the biggest sources of coverage within the industry, nonetheless, these segments, combined, continued to show year-over-year membership declines.

To read the complete text of “Yr-Over-Yr Health Insurance Enrollment Trends by Segment“, visit the Evaluation Briefs library on Mark Farrah Associates’ website.

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