MAILBAG: Medicare Part D cap so as | Opinion


Straight away, Congress has the ability to make health care more cost-effective for tens of millions of seniors and others with serious illnesses by capping the quantity these people pay out-of-pocket for pharmaceuticals under Medicare Part D.

As a cancer caregiver and advocate I understand how incredibly expensive cancer care may be — not only for a 12 months or two, but often for several years and requiring quite a few pharmaceuticals. Being unable to predict just how much you’ll spend on these drugs is stressful and harmful to an individual’s mental and physical health.

Cancer patients and survivors who’ve Medicare have to know there’s a limit on how much they’ll pay every year. Setting a cap for outpatient pharmaceuticals and allowing them to make payments all year long reasonably than all upfront would make balancing their limited budgets easier and would offer some relief to a stressful situation.

Senator Schumer can play a critical role in ensuring this cover gets included in upcoming laws. I urge him to talk up and do what’s right. Medicare patients have to know they’ll count on Senator Schumer and might count on a cap of their out-of-pocket drug costs.

KAREN CONNOR, Wilson, state lead volunteer, American Cancer Society Cancer Motion Network


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