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Indore: Every six out of ten households in Madhya Pradesh is with none medical health insurance / financing coverage, showed National Family and Health Survey-5 (2019-21) figures, though COVID-19 pandemic drained people out of their savings.
In MP, only 38% of households have any type of medical health insurance that covers a minimum of one member of the household with almost similar penetration of those schemes in rural and concrete parts, showed NFHS-5 figures.
MGMMC Dean Dr Sanjay Dixit, who guided many researchers in similar studies said, “A majority of population in Madhya Pradesh belong to lower socio-economic class including laborers, who can’t purchase any such schemes.”
The NFHS-5 figures showed that around 55% of households in MP were BPL during survey times (2019-21) and over 70% of the population reside in rural areas. “For these people belonging to lower socio-economic classes, coverage in schemes like Ayushman Bharat Scheme is a necessity. There may be a necessity to accentuate the coverage of eligible people within the ambit of the scheme together with simplification of the registration process ”, said Dr Dixit.
The survey figures further showed that within the productive age (15-49) lower than one-third of the population in MP is roofed with any medical health insurance / financial scheme. In case of females, the share remained at 27% and 32% in case of men aged 15-49, showed survey figures.
On it Dr Dixit said, “In middle income countries like ours, there is no such thing as a felt have to go for insurance schemes like western countries due to lack of information. The people nevertheless should go for some or one other type of schemes to avoid financial woes in case of medical emergencies. ”


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