Living with family within the UAE? Make sure you get mandated medical health insurance coverage


It is not uncommon knowledge that the associated fee of living within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) might be higher than in another Middle Eastern Countries. The high lifestyle can pose challenges especially when you live along with your family within the UAE. There are lots of financial obligations and responsibilities that come together with having a family; one among these is ensuring that everybody has their very own medical health insurance coverage. In the event you are planning to live within the UAE, you have to to get the mandated Health Insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones. Major emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have mandated compulsory medical health insurance before the issuance of any variety of resident visa.

This blog article will highlight some key points regarding Health Insurance within the UAE and why it’s imperative for all residents to have one.

What’s Health Insurance?

Medical health insurance is a variety of insurance that provides coverage for medical treatment and healthcare care costs which might be incurred attributable to sickness or illness. For instance, you’ll be able to buy medical health insurance that may cover your hospital bills when you get sick or injured. You too can get coverage for pregnancy, pre and post-natal care, and plenty of other health issues. Medical health insurance is very important for a number of reasons:

– It protects you from withdrawing your savings to pay for hospital expenses

– It covers for periodic health checkups and out-patient consultations.

– It might probably financially protect you and your loved ones while coping with certain terminal illnesses.

Why is Health Insurance so vital?

The past few years which were affected attributable to pandemic, have proven that safeguarding the health of your near and dear ones, is of paramount importance. With the soaring cost of living within the UAE, it’s imperative that each one residents within the UAE have health coverage. Unexpected health issues can crop up at any time. That’s the reason it’s crucial you will have a plan in place that may look out in your financial health, whilst you look after your physical health. In the event you wouldn’t have medical health insurance, you should have to pay all health expenses, similar to hospital care, surgeries, and expensive medications.

Kinds of Health Insurance within the UAE

There are a selection of medical health insurance plans available within the UAE, it’s vital to know the sorts of health plans available with a view to find the correct fit for you

Individual medical health insurance –

This plan is supposed for a person, and coverage is often provided as a single policy for one person for a selected time period. This sort of medical health insurance is the most affordable within the UAE and is usually utilized by expatriates.

Family medical health insurance –

Such a health plan covers multiple members of the family and while the full premium is higher than that of a person policy, the associated fee per person is often lower. Some family medical health insurance plans can even cover your clan, so your family members can avail of treatments without worrying about the associated fee. As medical health insurance is a compulsory requirement within the UAE, it is very crucial so that you can know the way a family medical health insurance plan entails, you’ll be able to seek the advice of your insurer or insurance broker to grasp the small print of the coverage. This plan can further be customized to match your loved ones’s unique needs. For this reason it’s important to seek the advice of with an insurance broker and understand the terms and conditions included before buying your plan.

Medical health insurance for expatriates –

Such a medical health insurance plan is usually meant for foreign staff, traveling to the UAE for work. It normally covers comprehensive treatments, giving expatriates access to medical help each time they need it.

Worker Health Insurance

Worker medical health insurance or group medical health insurance is a compulsory requirement in Dubai as per the medical insurance law. Most elementary worker medical health insurance plans cover inpatient and outpatient treatment, emergencies, surgeries, medical tests, medication, and maternity care.

Dependents Health Insurance

Because the law mandates that everybody must have no less than a basic medical health insurance plan, there at the moment are quite a few options so that you can cover your dependents. Your dependents could include your kids, parents, and even your home help.

Easy methods to get Health Insurance within the UAE?

Once you understand the sorts of medical health insurance which might be available within the UAE, it’s time to explore your options. There are a number of ways you’ll be able to get medical health insurance within the UAE. You possibly can:

– Contact an insurance broker and ask them to enable you get health coverage.

– Find a web-based medical health insurance broker and compare different plans available within the UAE.

– Apply for medical health insurance throughout the visa application process.

– Ask your members of the family to refer you to their insurance brokers/insurers


Whether you might be a resident or an expatriate, you might want to be certain that you will have health coverage because it is a compulsory requirement. There are lots of options available with regards to medical health insurance within the UAE and it’s advisable to get the correct policy that suits your needs. When you will have medical health insurance within the UAE, you’ll be able to rest assured that you just won’t need to worry about paying for unexpected health care costs. With the high cost of living within the UAE, it’s vital to be certain that you will have health coverage to guard yourself and your loved ones.

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