Letter to the editor: Medical health insurance in need of reform | Letters to the Editor


When my son was diagnosed with severe asthma, our principal concern was accessing the fitting inhalers and medications. We would have liked to make sure he was at all times prepared should an attack arise. What we weren’t prepared for, were the various challenges we’d face from our insurance provider. Repeatedly, our insurance would deny the medications that my son’s respiration specialist would prescribe. While we were in a position to finally get them to cover his inhaler, they at the moment are requiring that annually we’ve to undergo the prior authorization process all yet again, which implies my son could go weeks without his lifesaving care. This just isn’t how insurance should work. We pay high deductibles and monthly premiums, and there continues to be no guarantee that the medicines my son must breathe shall be fully covered, and even partially paid for. As a mother, all I should must worry about is my son’s health and having peace of mind knowing he has the treatments he must live a top quality life. I urge our elected leaders in Washington to give attention to policies like insurance reforms, in order that families like mine can give attention to what is vital, and never must waste time battling for care we must always have already got.


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