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Latest health care coverage option opens in Marquette, offers alternative to traditional medical insurance


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Marquette gained a latest direct primary care option with a distinct guide for pricing Monday.

North Country Health offers a substitute for traditional medical insurance coverage — one wherein patients pay a flat monthly fee to access services and medicine.

“There are quite a lot of folks which might be working really hard and don’t have the means to pay for prime insurance premiums and for that reason they will struggle to get good healthcare,” North Country Health Owner Dr. Ryan Brang said. “What we wish to give you the chance to do is try to fulfill people where they’re and offer good services and care at a much-reduced cost if we are able to.”

Brang says direct primary care has been done in other parts of the country but is latest to the U.P. He says he wants the community to see what a difference it may make in accessing essential care.

“It has been around for an excellent 20 years or so now. It’s less common here in rural areas, however it is unquestionably picking up some traction,” Brang said. “You see it loads in larger cities. What we hope to do is bring it into Marquette, show that it’s viable, it may really make a difference within the look after patients, and show that it may be a extremely effective option to get the care that you just need.”

Brang hopes his business will offer people an answer to healthcare costs, which he says are at an all-time high.

“Healthcare is amazingly expensive and it is barely getting worse, and what we try to do is help folks with the financial burdens that include healthcare and increased expenses,” Brang said. “Anything we are able to do to assist patients with costs and supply them with good quality care is what we wish to do.”

Visit its website to learn more about what services and pricing options it offers.


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