KCR diluted Arogyasri totally and ruined medicare: Congress


‘The promise of a brilliant speciality hospital in every dist. continues to be a non-starter’

‘The promise of a brilliant speciality hospital in every dist. continues to be a non-starter’

Accusing the TRS government of totally diluting the Arogyasri scheme began by the previous Congress government, TPCC working presidents T. Jayaprakash Reddy and J. Geetha Reddy said your entire medicare system was destroyed under the TRS rule with poor and middle classes denied access to good medical care.

In response to Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao visiting the Mohalla Clinics in Recent Delhi, the Congress leaders said Mr. Rao would have realised the sorry state of affairs in hospitals in Telangana had he visited the federal government hospitals here. “While totally forgetting the guarantees made to people regarding the health sector, the CM couldn’t even proceed the Arogyasri scheme that brought private healthcare to poor people.”

Ms. Geetha Reddy said the Chief Minister goes to Recent Delhi for his eye and dental check-up and to a non-public hospital here for other check-ups and he would never understand what the common man goes through during medical emergencies in Telangana. After promising the establishment of latest facilities, Mr. Rao closed down the Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) in Gachibowli, reflecting his seriousness, she alleged.

She said the promise of a brilliant speciality hospital in every district is a non-starter even after 8 years of rule and Chief Minister is just deceiving individuals with false guarantees.

Mr. Jagga Reddy reminded CM’s promise of a 100-bedded hospital in every constituency and a 30-bed hospital in every mandal and asked when will they begin? He said aside from the hospitals constructed within the combined State, not a single hospital was constructed by the TRS government, he claimed.

The Sangareddy MLA said every hospital within the State suffers from a shortage of doctors and nurses, aside from other paramedical staff, but the federal government is least bothered and resides on false propaganda. He demanded that every one the guarantees made on the health sector front be fulfilled before the following elections or else the federal government would need to face people’s wrath.


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