In Czech Republic, Ukrainian refugees set to lose rights to state medical insurance


Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees are slated to lose their automatic right to state medical insurance within the upcoming weeks within the European country of Czech Republic, public General Health Insurance Company (VZP) board chairman Tom Philipp told Radio Prague International.

“These people could have to prove their right to medical insurance covered by the state again or another person could have to pay it,” the station reported Philipp as saying. Those impacted will now need to contact a non-public medical insurance company.

350,000 Ukrainian refugees fled to the Czech Republic

As many as 350,000 Ukrainian refugees had fled to the Czech Republic to flee the continuing Russian atrocities of their homeland. An estimated 215,000 had registered with the VZP medical insurance company. But now, medical insurance will not be covered by the state and “another person could have to pay it”, in line with Radio Prague International.

This means that the Ukrainian refugees including adults aged from 18 to 65 will now be severely impacted and won’t have access to healthcare in case they’re unable to afford it. The insurance company believes that many were expected to return to Ukraine.

“If refugees don’t submit the documents essential for the continuation of their state medical insurance when 150 days pass since their visa issuance or if their employers don’t pay it for them, they need to start paying the minimum monthly medical insurance fee of two,187 crowns themselves,” a source on the state medical insurance firm notified, in line with the report.

An estimated 43,000 refugees from Ukraine have insured with the VZP, and most of them have already found the roles within the Czech Republic. And so, the country expects their employers to pay the medical insurance for them. Those that are self-employed would be required to pay it themselves, Philipp told Radio Prague International.

“Unlike children under 18 and pensioners over 65, they’ll need to prove to the medical insurance company that they’re entitled to this,” he said.

The Czech government, nevertheless, will still proceed to pay for Ukrainian students who’re aged under 26 years, as well the parents which might be tending to children, the specially abled, and people who have been registered on the labour offices as job-seekers. Those that are required to pay will likely be deemed as medical insurance defaulters and can meet similar treatment because the Czechs should they fail to pay the obligatory insurance.

The corporate has published an online form and is now asking the Ukrainian refugees to fill it on the website

It also advised the Ukrainians to contact their insurer for more information and clarity. A minimum monthly medical insurance fee of two,187 crowns is required of the Ukrainians to pay.


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