How much rehab does Medicare cover?


Query: What number of days does someone must be within the hospital for Medicare to cover rehab? After which how much rehab will it cover?

Answer: To ensure that Medicare to cover your rehabilitation after your discharge from the hospital, you will need to be admitted as an inpatient for no less than three full days (spending three days and nights within the hospital and discharged on day 4). In case your stay is simply one or two full day(s) and night(s), post-discharge rehab won’t be covered. If you happen to are kept under commentary for sooner or later then admitted as an inpatient for one or two full days and nights, your stay wouldn’t meet the three-day minimum requirement, so your rehabilitation wouldn’t be covered. 

When you’re discharged to a talented nursing facility, you’ll have 100 days that Medicare will cover. The primary 20 days are covered at a $0 coinsurance per day. Days 21-100 are $194.50 coinsurance per day. (The prices listed are for Original Medicare.) If you may have a Medicare Advantage Plan, the prices may vary, so discuss with your summary of advantages to your particular plan. 


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