Hospitals Demand Fast Repayment for Medicare Drug Program Cuts


Aug. 4, 2022, 3:32 PM

  • Hospitals clinched recent high court win on 340B payments
  • Separate motion seeks to vacate portion of rule

The Department of Health and Human Services should promptly repay hospitals for the illegal cuts it made to Medicare reimbursements for hospitals enrolled in a program supporting low-income Americans, the American Hospital Association told a federal court on Wednesday.

The US Supreme Court ruled in June that the federal government wrongly slashed Medicare drug reimbursements by greater than $1 billion a yr.

Hospitals that serve low-income communities depend on Medicare reimbursements through the 340B drug discount program to support their costs. Hospitals feed savings on outpatient drugs back into their communities to support uninsured patients.

The Supreme Court victory for hospitals …

Allie Reed

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