Hingham DPW Employees Deserve Respect, Decent Wages and Reasonably priced Health Insurance


Photo courtesy of the Town of Hingham

July 5, 2022 by Thomas G. Mari, President, Teamsters Local 25

Hingham DPW staff, members of Teamsters Local 25, pay as much as $280 per week for health insurance and a few start at minimum wage. At a time when staff are unionizing at a pace not seen for nearly a century and greedy corporate employers are finally beginning to be held accountable for poor treatment of staff, it’s disheartening to see how the Town of Hingham is treating our members who work for the Department of Public Works. The town’s “best and final” contract offer is insulting, and quite frankly, cruel. During a time of soaring consumer prices, these staff and their families are struggling to survive. These staff not only pay as much as $280 per week for medical insurance, that weekly payment doesn’t include the associated fee of co-pays, deductibles, or prescriptions. The town of Hingham’s “best and final” offer to those dedicated staff takes away comp time, vacation carryover, and refuses to ensure any bereavement leave. Hingham DPW staff are unsung heroes who never stopped working through the complete pandemic, continuing to boost the community through the hardest times.  While their families frightened, they were working. Our members working for Hingham DPW are pleased with the positive impact of their work.  Hingham DPW staff are truly a part of the material of this great community. These men and ladies, and their families, deserve significantly better. All they are asking for are fair wages and reasonably priced medical insurance to support their families. The poor treatment of those staff by the Town of Hingham comes at a time when extreme economic conditions are causing hardships and forcing painful decisions in households. The rising cost of gas, food and other essential items is putting the squeeze on everyone.  On this environment, it’s unconscionable that the town is increasing the pressure on these families by offering low wages, sky-high medical insurance and taking away basic advantages and never offering guaranteed bereavement leave, which is a regular of decency that virtually every employer adheres to. It is gloomy to see the Town of Hingham doesn’t imagine these staff are worthy of the identical decency.

Hingham DPW staff are proud public servants providing essential services for the residents of Hingham. They need to be treated with respect. Teamsters Local 25 respectfully asks that you call Town Administrator Tom Mayo at 781-783-5036 or email him at Mayot@Hingham-MA.Gov and tell him that you simply support these essential DPW staff. Please tell him to do higher by these working men and ladies and their families.


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