Health update: Qatar’s cabinet approves proposal for tourist and visitor medical health insurance packages – Doha News


Qatar is undergoing healthcare changes, with a deal with mandatory medical health insurance and more Qatari-designated health centres.

Qatar’s cabinet approved the proposal put forth by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) to adopt insurance profit packages and premiums for visitors and tourists, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 22 of 2021 regulating health care services throughout the country.

Mandatory medical health insurance

Draft resolution No. 22 of 2021 stipulates that personal medical health insurance be mandatory for all non-Qatari staff within the private sector, was approved by the council of ministers.

Based on the draft resolution, Qatari residents will receive free healthcare services at government health facilities, whilst expats and visitors are required to acquire private medical health insurance should they need to access basic healthcare services.

As per the Government Communications Office’s statement, some categories which can be included within the compulsory medical health insurance system are for non-Qataris working in private and non-private sectors; namely manual labourers, craftspeople, domestic staff and visitors.

The law states that employers and recruiters must pay the premium to cover the fundamental services of their registered employees or recruits. This includes emergency and accident treatments.

Employers and recruiters have the choice to request extra services, that are permitted upon making an additional payment.

Accordingly, insurance firms must provide employers with medical health insurance cards along with customised treatment networks, including hospitals and clinics.

Employers are expected to notify the insurance company upon the termination of an worker’s contract.

If an worker or recruiter fails to transfer the worker’s sponsorship to a recent company after the contract has ended, the insurance coverage could also be prolonged until the policy or the legally allowed time of residency expires, based on whichever nears first.

Medical insurance have to be provided to the worker from the date of entry into the country or from the date of a employee’s sponsorship transfer under a recent employer.

Based on MOPH, making medical health insurance obligatory ensures that every one residents and visitors have medical health insurance through a registered insurance company.

A rigorous approach is about in place to make sure the law’s implementation, with the primary phase specializing in visitors.

Recent health updates within the country

In May, the health ministry released a recent set of announcements regarding the usage of health facilities and insurance for the general public.

Health authorities have revealed 4 designated centres exclusively for Qatari nationals.

The centres include Leabaib Health Center, Muaither Health Center, Al Thumama Health Center, and South Al Wakra Health Center. Moreover, one other 4 health facilities which can be currently undergoing construction may also be allocated for nationals, with their completion expected throughout the first quarter of 2023.

The centres include Al Mashaf Health Center, Al Sadd Health Center, Umm Saneem Health Center and the brand new Al Khor Health Center.

This brings the overall of exclusively Qatari-designated health facilities to eight.


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