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The Director of Health Promotion and Education Modou Njai, said the National Health Insurance Scheme is for everyone.

Njai said this in an interview with this reporter amid the continuing mass registration on whether the documents tendered for registration process will likely be kept protected and guarded.

“The National Health Insurance is for everyone living within the Gambia and for individuals who have come to the Gambia. The required valid national documents are passport and drivers license etc., to indicate that one has been living within the country for not less than three months,” he said; that the target of the mass registration is to make sure everyone has access to a membership card, in an effort to have access to National Health Insurance and health services at a reasonable cost.

“We all know out of pocket expenditure could be very high and to cut back this, we now have to introduce the National Health Insurance Scheme. So that you can register for the scheme, one has to get the membership card,” he said. He stated that currently they’re registering those that have birth certificates.

“Those that have birth certificates and are 0-17 years, must be registered by their parents because these are under aged,” he said; that the documents required are an infant welfare card and birth certificate for one to present for the registration, adding that these are documents which might be prepared, scanned and stored within the system.

“When you’ve gotten the National Health Insurance membership card, it would be linked to the National Identification Number (NIN) for each birth certificate and the ID Card in order that you’ve gotten one unique number for each birth certificate, ID Card and the Insurance Card. The birth certificate is for Gambians, but when you are a non-Gambian, you usually are not purported to register for the birth certificate, but must present a passport, driving license, to have the opportunity to amass the insurance card. The birth certificate is for Gambians only, however the National Health Insurance is for everyone,” Njai said; that on the onset of the registration, they’d an online challenge which made it difficult to operate their equipment and access their systems. He further said that this slowed the method, making people stand long in queues, but with their day by day briefing they can address the challenges.

“At first, the people didn’t have clear information on the registration. This made some people to go for registration with an unstamped attestation from the Alkalo. They didn’t know that the attestations have to be endorsed by the Mayor (in KMC and Banjul) or stamped by the Chief (whether it is Kombo North),” he said.

He said they explained to the those that the documents are legal and in coping with such legal documents, they must adhere to all of the procedures, and as such, he explained to the people when the Alkalo does the attestation, it needs to be endorsed by the Mayor or stamped by the chief.

“The insurance will likely be with the people throughout, and may be utilized by the person registered in any respect times in public hospitals. Allow us to jealously guard our documents, and ensure that the people who find themselves purported to apply for the birth certificates are Gambians. Let’s not open to foreigners, to take our documents,” he advised.

“The National Health Insurance is solely for everybody, but let’s protect our documents. We’ve a server where all of the documents are kept protected and guarded. All of the documents taken by the registration teams, will likely be kept protected, protected and with confidentiality.”


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