Health Insurance Payment Assistance Programme ends June 30


The Health Insurance Premium Payment Assistance Programme will end on June 30, 2022 after serving individuals who were lacking coverage on account of COVID-19, particularly those that were employed in tourism and hospitality.

The programme, which was originally set to shut in March 2022, continued to ease the transition for participants who were expected to return to work once travel restrictions were relaxed and tourism began to rebound.

From May 2021 to present, the Ministry of Health & Wellness together with the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) assisted a median of 878 individuals per 30 days who needed help paying their medical health insurance premiums at a value of roughly CI$1,170,195.

“ As this programme culminates, I’m grateful that majority of individuals who received aid from us have been capable of have their healthcare coverage reinstated on account of returning to work”, said Hon. Sabrina Turner, Minister for Health & Wellness. “I would love to thank the Health Insurance Commission for delivering exceptional service to those individuals as they stood in need of support”, she added.

Individuals who still may require coverage have been directed to utilise other public resources equivalent to the Needs Assessment Unit’s indigent insurance programme. 

Programme participants have already been notified of the tip date, nonetheless individuals may contact the Health Insurance Commission via email to or by phone on 946-2084 for added details.     


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