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Annually in August, a bunch of insurance agents meets to debate and study Medicare.

Ten years ago, three insurance agents began this program for San Diego, Orange County in addition to the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino). Because the premier agent in Kern County, after which president of our Health Underwriters Association, I used to be invited to participate. About 80 agents attended this two-day event in Ontario.

This week, there have been about 800 agents and providers learning about Medicare and related products in attendance for a three-day event (4 for those who count the golf tournament). Even in the course of the COVID-19 years, we met, but virtually, as health and safety are our principal concerns for our senior clients and ourselves.

The event could run for every week if there was only the available time. Up to now years, Medicare rules were the most important emphasis. This yr, because of the exhibitors and sponsors, the agents present were in a position to see a glimpse of what 2023 goes to appear like.

The main emphasis was on Medicare Advantage, and in Southern California, which means HMO! Most if not the entire insurance firms provided speeches and knowledge about their products for the approaching yr. Because the law doesn’t allow the distribution and even discussion of the product portfolio, we were only given slightly taste as to what to anticipate in 2023.

I’m looking forward to Oct. 1, when this might be public and allowed to be discussed. What I discovered interesting is among the options these HMO plans will offer. One company has an choice to perform an extermination of your property if you might have little critters. Obviously, for some that could be a health risk. Other plans will provide meals, help pay utilities and supply nutritious meals. There may be even a credit for groceries every month, in addition to over-the-counter (OTC) medications and household needs.

There might be several plans available for individuals who typically use the Veterans Administration (VA) for his or her health care. People pay into Medicare, but seldom use the Medicare advantages. So, there might be Medicare Advantage plans providing advantages like dental, vision and money back. Because you aren’t covered by pharmaceuticals on these special plans, they may refund a part of your monthly Part B premium – as much as $150!

Living within the Kern River Valley makes seeing a specialist in Bakersfield or Ridgecrest very difficult regarding transportation. Many Medicare Advantage plans offer trips to approved locations. I even have discussed the 50-mile one-way limitation with the plans, and lots of will make special accommodations for an extended trip beyond the everyday 50-mile maximum.

Above, I discussed just a number of of the advantages available from an assortment of plans. Each plan has its menu of advantages. Then comes the tv and radio and newspaper and magazine and who knows what else might be advertised. Joe Nameless might be back on the tube touting a listing of advantages, while on the underside of the screen, it should state that the advertiser doesn’t provide all of the plans and you need to seek further information from 1-800-MEDICARE or by going to for a full list of plans. Joe Nameless and JJ Runner in addition to other former “stars” don’t say if the advantages they tout might be in your plan. Call 1-800-You R SCREWED for more information from a licensed agent.

The licensed agent has never been to California, has no idea of what plans are offered here, aside from people who he has been certified with, and has no knowledge of the doctors, hospitals or needs of our community.

I bring this to your attention, as prior to now years, every Jan. 1 to March 31, there may be one opportunity to alter plans, and I’m busy helping people undo what they did to themselves. The people representing the national advertisers, including the insurance firms, are on the market to sell you something. That’s how all of us receives a commission. My office is not any different in wanting to give you a plan, but we’re situated here within the Kern Valley. We meet out there, restaurants or other places. I provide a service and remain accountable. Your costs are the identical using us or a representative from the insurance company. As I often say, for those who walk right into a Ford dealership to purchase a automobile, you’ll drive off with a recent Ford. What if Chevrolet had a greater vehicle? We take a look at all of the plans and assist to find the very best option on your current needs. Future needs? Annually we review every policy. Numerous work, nevertheless it pays off in satisfied clients.

Harry P. Thal, the Medicare Guru in Kernville, is accessible at no cost phone consultations. Call 760-376-2100 or 800-498-8425 for a phone appointment or send an email to [email protected].


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