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I’m doing a little shopping and would really like to know just how much I’m going to spend. I turned 65 last yr and signed up for a Medicare Complement Plan G.

My wife’s sixty fifth birthday is that this coming October and we’ll probably sign her up for a similar thing. I’ve read that we are able to get a monthly discount if we’re with the identical insurance, however the rates are different.

My plan is with Blue Shield and it’s about $150 monthly. Does it make sense to have my wife on the identical Blue Shield plan or is there more savings some other place?

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Tom: Superb timing, Cal. Now we have the present rates on the three most important Medicare Complement corporations we use: Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, and United Healthcare (AARP). Let’s start with Blue Shield. Without delay, the monthly premium for Plan G on your wife can be $138.

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Because she’s brand-new to Medicare, Blue Shield reduces her premium $25 monthly for the primary 12 months. If she does auto-pay from personal checking or savings, that’s an extra $3 monthly. Finally, if you happen to are each on the exact same Blue Shield plan, you might each be eligible for a 7% monthly savings.

Al: OK, since Tom didn’t go to Napa High, he’s going to allow you to do the maths.

Listed here are the numbers for Anthem Blue Cross. Monthly premium on your wife’s Plan G: $136.38. Subtract $25 monthly because she’s recent; save $2 monthly for auto-pay (or $48 for an annual payment); save 5% monthly for every of you in the identical household. Blue Cross is different in that you just don’t must be on the identical plan. I called them to ensure of that.

Sooo, it seems that Cal’s wife pays $111.38 for the primary 12 months, then minus $2 monthly so long as it’s auto-pay, then 5% savings for her and for Cal.

Kyle: My turn. The AARP Plan G through United Healthcare is available in at $141.28 monthly for the wife of Cal. Because she is recent, there may be a possible starting enrollment discount of as much as 36%. $2 for auto-pay and seven% discount for every if “…enrolled under the identical AARP membership number…”. The speed is guaranteed for 12 months and there may be an option for annual pay.

Tom: For all three corporations, the speed changes for tobacco users and the discounts will not be there.

Also, there may be a novelty called the “California Rule” by which every year on the subscriber’s birth month, he or she will move laterally or down from one plan or company to a different.

For instance, if an individual had began off with a Plan F several years ago, a switch to a Plan G can be guaranteed, i.e., no underwriting, during that person’s birth month. Or, on this case, if Cal had begun with Blue Shield, he could move to another company.

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