Grant helps Hoosiers with medical insurance | Indiana


Cass County residents out there for medical insurance gained options for navigating the healthcare system last week after Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana Inc. (ASPIN) received $1.6 million in grant funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

ASPIN is a nonprofit behavioral health provider that also provides education to Indiana residents. It serves as a navigation system that helps people enroll for insurance through Medicaid, the Health Insurance Marketplace, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“Some people have not had insurance,” ASPIN Senior Project Director Julia Holloway said. “We wish to be sure that they know find out how to use it. We stay in contact with them 4 times a yr after they’re enrolled.”

In keeping with data from the US Census Bureau, 9% of Hoosiers under the age of 65 had no medical insurance in 2021. In Cass County, the variety of uninsured residents rose to 12%.

J. Michael McWilliams, a professor of medication at Harvard Medical School, wrote that people who find themselves uninsured have less access to medical care, receive poorer quality of care than people who find themselves insured and have “worse health outcomes than insured adults” in his study ‘Health consequences of uninsurance amongst adults in america: Recent evidence and implications.’

Brittney Isley, ASPIN coordinator of administration services and data analyst, said anyone can contact ASPIN for assistance. She added that individuals’s options often depend upon their income level.

The grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services comes as open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace draws near in Indiana. The enrollment period for 2023 begins on Nov. 1, 2022, and ends on Jan. 15, 2023.

ASPIN has been a navigation organization for medical insurance since 2013. It has received over 13,800 calls and aided over 45,700 people enroll in medical insurance in Indiana. All the organization’s services are free.

Navigation organizations like ASPIN help people fill out applications to find out eligibility, enroll in insurance coverage and apply for programs to assist with the price if available.

An ASPIN press release said the organization will direct outreach efforts this yr to racial and ethnic minority populations, the LGBTQ+ community, rural populations, refugees and immigrants, low-income families, pregnant women, latest moms, American Indians, Alaska Natives, veterans, individuals who lack transportation, web access, or have language barriers, and small business owners.

Holloway added that the recent Inflation Reduction Act will help many Indiana residents save as much as $800 on insurance purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace, making it more cost-effective for most individuals.

“Navigators operate year-round to extend awareness among the many remaining uninsured concerning the coverage options like Medicaid, HIP and CHIP, helping consumers find reasonably priced coverage that meets their needs, and assisting consumers beyond the enrollment process to make sure they’re equipped with the tools and resources needed to utilize and maintain their health coverage all yr,” the press release stated.

Holloway said ASPIN representatives can discuss with people over the phone or arrange online meetings to debate insurance options. She added that the organization’s social media pages also show educational events.

Moreover, the organization’s website has a calendar to point out when representatives will probably be at various community events throughout the state. ASPIN will probably be in Wabash on Oct. 4 and in Kokomo on Oct. 10 to debate insurance coverage with anyone who’s interested.

“We’re glad to assist out as people explore their healthcare options and consider (enrolling for insurance),” Holloway said.

To contact ASPIN, Indiana residents should call 1-877-313-7215 or text ASPINNAV to 844-675-0617. You may as well email or visit the corporate’s website at for more information.


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