Finance Minister failed to grasp work related to medical insurance: Pokharel – myRepublica


KATHMANDU, June 2: CPN (Maoist Center) lawmaker Giriraj Mani Pokharel has remarked that Finance Minister Janardan Sharma had failed to grasp the works related to medical insurance run by the federal government.

Speaking at a discussion on the budget for the approaching fiscal 12 months presented by the federal government within the House of Representatives on Thursday, Pokharel said that Finance Minister Sharma couldn’t understand the work done by the federal government on medical insurance.

He said that medical insurance shouldn’t be given to an organization because it is linked to social responsibility and never just like the insurance schemes introduced by the private sector. 

Lawmaker Pokharel said that the concept of ​​giving medical insurance to firms got here from the concept of universal coverage. MP Pokharel said that the medical insurance brought by the federal government didn’t come from the angle of profit and loss. He said that the difficulty of giving medical insurance to the corporate is just not compatible with the format inbuilt association with the World Health Organization.

He said that it was related to the Ministry of Health however it seemed that they were attempting to take it to the Ministry of Finance. 


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