Experts deliberate on the necessity for medical health insurance to secure your today and tomorrow


The Covid-19 pandemic caused significant changes in people’s behaviour towards protecting health. To analyse the shift in public awareness about healthcare, and HDFC Ergo conducted an exclusive session on
Medical insurance for today and tomorrow.

The panel comprising experts from three different domains – Doctor, Financial Expert and Health Insurance Representative – emphasised on the importance of medical health insurance and created awareness around how people can live a secure and healthy life in post-Covid times.

While Dr Nanda Kumar Jairam, Former CEO, Chairman and GMD, Columbia Asia Hospitals spoke about how helpful medical health insurance may be in case of critical illness, Ramesh Kumar Damani, Million Dollar LI advisor and GI counsel Advisor highlighted medical health insurance as a vital tool in overall financial planning.

Each the experts shared some anecdotes from their lives to reiterate how medical health insurance played a significant role during a medical emergency.

Dr Jairam also shared his observations about development in India’s medical capability and its impact on cost of treatments especially in case of critical illnesses thus making medical health insurance much more essential in current times.

Ravi Vishwanath, President – Accident & Health Business, HDFC ERGO General Insurance dropped at light the difficulty of rising medical inflation, especially post pandemic and stressed on the necessity of a trust-worthy medical health insurance partner.

“There was a phase when medical health insurance was becoming a pull product from a push product, and there was a figurative line when it comes to demand for people wanting to purchase insurance. After the pandemic, we have now reversed back to the old levels of growth, which still is the fastest growing medical health insurance businesses of the world and in addition the fastest growing line on the whole insurance in India,” observed Vishwanath.

“As intermediaries and as an industry, we have now to push customers (not for the product but for the attention) about insurance and the way it protects in times of need. Now we have to be certain that we have now the precise products that move them (customers) to motion,” said Vishwanath throughout the session.

The virtual session also touched upon the necessity for comprehensive medical health insurance in a post pandemic world.
Click to observe the total session.


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