Dutch medical health insurance premiums to go up by over 10 euros a month


Sources from The Hague have reported to De Telegraaf that 2023 will see medical health insurance premiums increase by just a little over 10 euros a month. 

Dutch medical health insurance to cost 10 euros a month more in 2023

With the Dutch government set to announce the 2023 budget on Prinsjesdag on Tuesday, an increasing amount of data concerning the financial plans for the approaching 12 months is being leaked to the Dutch press. Not only have details concerning the government’s plan to spice up purchasing power been revealed, but recently De Telegraaf reported that the worth of medical health insurance will rise significantly from January. 

In keeping with the Dutch newspaper, insiders from The Hague have confirmed that the so-called calculation premium (rekenpremie) – the figure utilized by insurers as a suggestion for monthly rates – will increase from 127 to 137,40 euros a month. While that is prone to have knock-on effects for those covered by Dutch medical health insurance, the actual rates will ultimately be set by insurers.

Higher premiums to compensate for higher salaries and healthcare costs

For several months now, the Ministry of Health has warned that the price of medical health insurance would rise in the brand new 12 months consequently of upper salaries and costs inside healthcare, however the figures reported by De Telegraaf mark the most important price increase since 2011. The monthly healthcare allowance may also go up in 2023, by a complete of greater than 400 euros per 12 months.

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