Doug Sprankle: Skill games mean medical insurance for my employees


I could tell a whole bunch of stories I’ve heard of how businesses, together with fraternal clubs and veterans organizations, have benefited in tremendous ways from legal skill games.

As a substitute, I’ll just tell my story. Sprankle’s Neighborhood Markets is a small family business run by my father, brother and I with three stores in Armstrong and Butler counties. In 2018, we decided to try something recent in our stores, hoping it might be fun for patrons and generate revenue. We installed skill games.

Last 12 months, for the primary time, we were capable of provide health advantages to our employees and free lunches for them, all through our skill game revenue. This has allowed us to maintain great staff. While businesses around us have desperately posted “help wanted” signs, we now have to show people away who need to work for us.

Telling our employees they may receive medical insurance through our business was an important day for my family and made a huge effect on employees.

Chances are high, a business, fire hall, fraternal club or veterans organization that has skill games and advantages from them. Some would have closed their doors without end due to covid and the present economic climate if not for skill game revenue.

Skill game funds also find their way into our communities. Businesses and organizations will help local charities that assist our neighbors, our firefighters and other vital entities. We do an annual fundraiser for the Salvation Army, and skill game money helps us meet our goal. Due to pandemic, Pennsylvania Skill, which is powered by the corporate Pace-O-Matic, gave $750,000 to food banks across the state and arrange free dinners in communities hard-hit by covid-19.

I’m frustrated by those that claim my skill games are taking revenue away from casinos, when the closest one is sort of an hour away from my store.

I highly doubt anyone planning an evening out at a casino decides on the best way there to as a substitute pull over at a Moose Lodge to play skill games. They’re completely different experiences for patrons. For one thing, gambling is predicated on technology that guarantees the House wins — quite a bit. Skill games could be won each time with skill and patience.

Pennsylvania skill games, in addition to skill games in various states, are manufactured in Williamsport and employ a whole bunch of Pennsylvanians. Parts for the games are made by corporations across the commonwealth. The games mean tens of millions of dollars in tax money. The truth is, the skill game industry desires to pay more taxes and supports laws introduced within the General Assembly that might further regulate skill games, using the increased taxes on the games for state the state coffers.

We even have witnessed a rise in our lottery sales since we installed skill games, which helps the state’s programs that support seniors. I do know other places in Pennsylvania have said the identical. Everyone knows this to be fact because we report our lottery sales often to the state and have seen the boost.

There are many great stories about skill games across the state, and every one among my employees who now has health advantages from us can tell one.

Doug Sprankle is an owner of Sprankles Neighborhood Markets and chair of Pennsylvania Taverns and Players Association, representing the interests of small businesses and fraternal, veteran and social clubs.


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