“Does Blooper have medical insurance?” “I’m effing dying”


The MLB has never seen a mascot quite like Blooper of the Atlanta Braves, who’s willing to place his body on the road. This recent try and get the fans riled up was inspired by the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin, though he had less hair.

This video of Blooper should really be seen with as little explanation as possible. So without further adieu, here it’s, posted to Twitter by the mascot himself.

That second table put in one of the best performance in Atlanta today. The stunt didn’t go perfectly, and Blooper bounced off the second table. While Blooper might feel that one within the morning, it actually inspired the fans.

Blooper probably didn’t intend a lot hilarity to stem from the botched maneuver, however it worked extremely well. The bounce and flip off the trailer sends this clip to legendary status.

This clip will continue to exist eternally and be used as a response for years to return, which is precisely what Blooper hoped for. The Atlanta Braves mascot is all the time searching for the highlight, and he does a terrific job of it.

Atlanta Braves mascot Blooper takes over Twitter once more

If the Braves have just one fan, it's Blooper.Also Read
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Half of my Twitter followers: “What’s with all of the baseball stuff?”The opposite half of my Twitter followers: “What’s with all of the wrestling stuff?”Me: twitter.com/blooperbraves/…

If the Braves lose this game against the St. Louis Cardinals, this moment will likely be for naught. While it can be crucial for Blooper to fireplace up the fans, his true duty is to assist the team win. Seeing your mascot risk all of it has to encourage you to do the identical to secure the win.

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