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WORLAND — The Worland City Council gave final approval to the subsequent fiscal budget that begins July 1, during their June 21 meeting.

The budget has general fund requirements including money reserve, payroll reserve and computer reserve of $5.3 million. The biggest budgets throughout the general fund are law enforcement at $1.8 million and streets at $1.379 million. The parks have a budget of $444,017, the airport has a budget of $405,401, golf course $238,800 and constructing department $127,097. Other general fund budgets are as follows: general government $27,377; city attorney $53,997, clerk-treasurer $67,361, engineering $26,000, cemetery $59,038, city hall $35,450, legal ads and ordinances $5,350, insurance $7,950, funds paid to Washakie County $12,800, general facility $40,340 and municipal court $51,681.

The budget approved also includes water budget of $2.4 million, sewer of $1.7 million and sanitation of $1.2 million.

Clerk/Treasurer Tracy Glanz said the auditor has not really helpful any changes to the rates for water, sewer or sanitation. “They’re OK for the near future.”

Glanz said the budget does include a 4.94% increase in medical health insurance. Town continues to pay 100% of the premiums for worker and dependents.

The budget allows for merit raises.

She said she budgeted barely less revenue in sales tax and other distribution based on population with the census showing Worland fell below 5,000 within the 2020 census.

She said sales tax revenue has been “relatively good” but the town can have to attend and see exactly how much the population decline will impact sales tax revenues.

Town plans on using the American Rescue Plan Act funding for streets. She said the budget committee’s advice is to make use of the entire funding of $872,424 to help with Washakie Avenue project or to enhance the commercial area around Fourth Street. Town has received the primary half of the funding and the opposite half was expected this month.

The budget also reflects a decrease to non-profit organization by about $10,000 mostly to Youth Alternatives who received their grant funding again, Glanz said.


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