Assemblyman Chris Tully and Health Care Advocates Discuss Latest Report on Why Congress Must Act Quickly to Stop Health Insurance Premium Increases for Latest Jerseyans


NEW JERSEY — Today, Assemblyman Chris Tully and health care advocates joined Protect Our Care Latest Jersey to discuss a latest report that shows the premium tax credits included within the American Rescue Plan have made health coverage more cost-effective for Latest Jerseyans. These premium tax credits dramatically lowered the associated fee of healthcare coverage for 280,108 Latest Jerseyans.


“Families shouldn’t be forced to make a choice from putting food on the table and having inexpensive healthcare coverage,” said State Assemblyman Chris Tully (LD-38). “The American Rescue Plan helped 1000’s of Latest Jerseyans save on their premiums, but those expanded tax credits will expire at the tip of this yr if Congress doesn’t take motion. I hope that Congress will come together to support hardworking Latest Jerseyans and make the advanced premium tax credits everlasting.”


The brand new report highlights recent studies showing that greater than three million people – including 84,000 Latest Jerseyans – could lose their coverage if Congress fails to make these enhanced premium tax credits everlasting. The American Rescue Plan saved families 1000’s of dollars on their premiums, however the expanded tax credits that powered those savings will expire at the tip of 2022, and in consequence, premiums for next yr’s plans will rise dramatically for thousands and thousands who buy insurance on their very own. Only Congress can prevent this from happening; it’s time to increase the ACA premium tax credits to be sure that hardworking families can proceed to access the health care they need.


“The American Rescue Plan helped reduce health care costs and expand coverage for Latest Jersey families,” said Laura Waddell, Health Care Program Director for Latest Jersey Citizen Motion. “Because of this, we saw a 20% increase in residents signing up for coverage through Get Covered NJ during open enrollment this yr, a record number, who saved 1000’s of dollars on their premiums. If Congress fails to make these premium tax credits everlasting, tens of 1000’s of Latest Jerseyans could lose their coverage and next yr’s premiums will rise dramatically. It’s time for Congress to increase the premium tax credits, in addition to address out-of-control prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to barter prices with drugmakers, so Latest Jerseyans have access to the care they need.”


President Biden and the Democrats have delivered significant relief to thousands and thousands of American families through the American Rescue Plan. Because of Biden’s leadership over 30 million Americans now have health coverage, including a record 14.5 million covered under the Reasonably priced Care Act marketplaces. Democrats proceed to work to lower insurance premiums, give Medicare the facility to barter for lower drug prices, close the coverage gap, extend Medicare advantages, and improve look after veterans, seniors, and folks with disabilities.


“I’m a business owner who recently lost my insurance resulting from divorce. I used to be paying about $750 a month until I worked with Latest Jersey Citizen Motion to assist me find much more cost-effective medical and dental insurance during this past open enrollment,” said Patrick Hall from Hamilton, Latest Jersey. “Because of the advanced premium tax credits under the American Rescue Plan, I used to be capable of find inexpensive coverage and my monthly premium is now about $160 a month. These monthly savings have been a game changer, and I hope Congress will extend these savings for hardworking Latest Jerseyans like me.”


You may watch the event here.


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