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WASHINGTON, June 8 (TNSres) — America’s Health Insurance Plans issued the next news release:

Everyone deserves access to mental health support that’s effective and inexpensive. With more Americans than ever in search of help for mental health concerns, AHIP conducted a nationwide survey to grasp people’s experience accessing care, whether their treatment was covered by insurance, and if insured patients were satisfied with the outcomes. The findings reveal that just about all respondents who sought mental health take care of themselves or someone inside their household over the past 2 years received treatment, and three in 4 insured Americans (73%) found it easy to get the care they needed. Greater than two-thirds of respondents were in a position to find an appointment with a provider in lower than a month. As well as, 9 in 10 reported being satisfied with the mental health support they received, including half who say they were very satisfied.

“Mental health affects everyone, and the COVID-19 pandemic made that more true, impacting all of us in other ways,” said Matt Eyles, AHIP President and CEO. “We all know there are challenges, particularly as more people seek support than ever before. Medical health insurance providers are working hard on a wide range of solutions – including expanding access to telehealth appointments, integrating mental health into primary care visits, and creating progressive programs to extend the variety of mental health care practitioners available. We’ll proceed to return along with care professionals, policymakers, and other health care leaders to make sure Americans have inexpensive access to the high-quality mental health support they deserve.”

Key findings include:

* 3 in 4 insured Americans (73%) said they found it easy to get the mental health support they needed for themselves or those of their households. Further, 32% said that finding care was “very easy,” with only 6% reporting that finding care was “very difficult.”

* 9 in 10 (91%) reported they’re satisfied with the mental health support they received, with half (49%) saying they were very satisfied.

* 4 in 10 insured Americans (38%) were in a position to discover a mental health skilled and begin getting support inside per week or two, while one other 3 in 10 (29%) were in a position to start getting help inside a month. 1 in 10 (11%) needed to attend 6 months or more, while 4% sought care but never received it.

* 6 in 10 insured Americans (60%) reported that their mental health support was fully covered by insurance, while one other 3 in 10 (33%) reported that their mental health support was partially covered by insurance. Only 3% reported their care was not covered.

* Individual counseling or therapy in a health care skilled’s office was probably the most regularly used service (56%), with counseling or therapy through telehealth second (38%)

The survey also found that Americans imagine that the responsibility to supply access to mental health support is a collective one – one that features medical health insurance providers, doctors and mental health care practitioners, the federal government, state and native governments, drug manufacturers, and employers.

AHIP accomplished this national, online survey of 500 insured Americans who’ve sought skilled mental health care support, care, or treatment for themselves or for somebody inside their household over the past 2 years. The survey was facilitated by Seven Letter Insight from May 12 to May 23, 2022, and has a margin of error of +/-4.4% with a 95% confidence interval.

Respondents were covered through some type of medical health insurance – employer provided coverage, individual market coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, or coverage through Veterans Affairs, with demographics closely tracking U.S. Census data.

Learn more (https://www.ahip.org/issues/behavioral-health) about how medical health insurance providers are working to extend access to mental health support.

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Original text here: https://www.ahip.org/news/press-releases/new-poll-3-in-4-americans-with-health-insurance-coverage-say-they-found-it-easy-to-get-mental-health-care

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REPORT: https://www.ahip.org/documents/AHIP-Mental-Health-Access-Survey-June-2022.pdf


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